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Belize compensates with some of the best diving in the world, dramatic Mayan ruins looming out of untouched jungle and secluded ecologies catering to the most sedentary adventurers.


Full country name: Belize
Area: 23,300 sq km (9087 sq mi)
Population: 249,183 (growth rate 2.8%)
Capital city: Belmopan (pop 5000)

About Belize

People: 44% mestizo, 30% Creole, 11% Maya, 7% Garifuna
Language: English, English Creole, Spanish, Maya and Garífuna
Religion: 60% Catholic, 30% Protestant
Government: Parliamentary democracy
Governor-General: Colville Young
Prime Minister: Said Musa

GDP: US$740 million
GDP per head: US$3100
Inflation: -0.9%
Major industries: Sugar, bananas, fish products, garment production, food processing, timber, tourism, construction